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Interviews with Utah Minutemen
You've witnessed the embarrassment of president George Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox. Now consider the first-hand accounts of several brave Utah Minutemen who assisted in proving that our nation's borders can be guarded against the illegal hordes invading our nation. Read more.

Issue in Focus: Why the Individual is the Fundamental Unit of a Just Society
America was founded on the belief that respect for individuals, apart from family and other associations, is paramount to a just and virtuous society. Read more.

Legislative Audit: 58,000+ Illegals Get Driver's License; Hundreds Register to Vote
Phony reformers like rep. David Ure and sen. Howard Stephenson have enabled the criminal hordes to flow into Utah. Read more.

It's Harvest Time...
Citizens reap a judiciary that ignores the law, shocking admissions regarding involuntary commitment abuse, property confiscation without due process, state abuse of families, and election mishaps.  Read more.

Sen. Curt Bramble: Mother Teresa or Jack Kevorkian?
See a flier passed out in Bramble's area comparing his words to his actions on taxpayer funding of abortion. Share this with your friends and neighbors. Read more.

Moon "Messiah" Coronation Attendants Run for Cover
"The Messiah Chronicles" continue with new revelations from Chris Cannon and Sen. Howard Stephenson, including his public apology for the Trail of Tears. Read more.

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"We are giving an irresponsible media more fodder to demonize the Legislature. We are giving them too much fodder to destroy us." — sen. Howard Stephenson, President of the Utah Taxpayers Association. Read more...

"House Republican Caucus seeks fun-loving individuals to share warm winter evening." — rep. Jeff "Gigolo" Alexander.  Read more...

Founder Quote

"...It is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe." — Thomas PaineRead more...

Family Survival Information

What will you do when DCFS knocks? Do what you can to prevent your children from becoming the next casualties in the war on Utah families. See our Parental Rights Now! Action Packets.

How to Request a Government Record

Ever wanted a record, but did not know how to get it?  Learn how to make a simple GRAMA request.

Register to Vote Online!

Illegal aliens do it. So can you!  Visit the Online Voter Registration for the State of Utah.

SPECIAL NOTE: At this time, we are observing and evaluating the people. We may become more involved again in the future.


2006 Bill Tracking Page: Witnessing the Fall of a Republic
This page exists to display the fruits of this citizenry and their political choices in the 2006 general legislative session. It is dedicated to those few who refuse to submit to tyranny. Read more.

The Importance of a Time Line in Government Abuse Cases
Most people feel intimidated at the prospect of writing things down on paper, and are even less inclined when state agencies are coming after them. Fortunately, you don't have to be a college graduate in English grammar to write a time line. Learn how now.

Help Stop Terrorism in Utah
Sen. Howard Stephenson is just one example of officials who, by their political actions, promote terrorism, violence, and lawlessness.  Share a flier that exposes his record.

Issue in Focus: How Citizens Enable Political Corruption
What are the political weaknesses that obstruct individuals and society from the pursuit of prosperity, happiness, and peace?  Learn why we do what we do.

Still Waiting...
Over 200 angry citizens are still waiting for an answer their demands.  Read more or
view the speeches protesting injustices committed against families by state officials.


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Special Reports

2005 Legislative Report!
How do your legislators and governor actually perform?  Scores set a new record! Read the report.

Infamous Senate Filibuster of Anti-Infanticide Bills
Our shocking expose, "How Anti-Infanticide Bills Die in a 'Pro-life' Senate," reveals official Senate audio and written records, and citizen eyewitness accounts from the infamous filibuster of two anti-abortion bills in the 2003 session.

Would You Laugh?
Listen to your State Senate laugh as anti-infanticide bills are filibustered.

Background: With less than 5 minutes remaining in the session, one anti-infanticide bill, HB 241, was briefly "debated" in the Senate. Democrat Ron Allen proposed to gut HB 241 with his own substitute bill.  Republican Chris Buttars, senate sponsor of HB 241, could not seem to find his copy of Allen’s substitute.

See our Infanticide Report for additional background. (If you have a slow connection, right click on the laugh link above and select "Save Target As" to save the file to your hard drive before you play it.) You can also try this smaller file. For an update on this issue, see the Abortion/Infanticide section of our Issues & Alerts page.



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