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Parental Rights Now! Action Packet

Special thanks to the American Family Rights Association at  for their assistance on our brochure.

Due to demand, we are providing the packet contents from our September 20, 2003 event here. We have added to it over time. We hope it is helpful to you in the fight against tyranny.
Note: Some files are in .pdf format.  Obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Family Survival Information
What will you do when DCFS knocks?  Learn how you can respond to DCFS attack techniques. Do what you can to prevent your children from becoming the next casualties in the war on Utah families.
(2 pages, tri-panel brochure in .pdf format)

The Importance of a Time Line in Government Abuse Cases
Most people feel intimidated at the prospect of writing things down on paper, and even less inclined when state agencies are coming after them.  Fortunately, you don't have to be a college graduate in English grammar to write a time line.

How to Request a Government Record
Have you ever wanted a government record, but did not know how to get it?  Read our "Seven Steps to Highly Effective GRAMAs."

Making the Malfeasance Case
Utah has no recall law to remove elected officials.  But all is not lost.  You can seek to have them thrown out for malfeasance.

Top Legislative Reforms
What laws must change in order for parental rights to be restored in Utah?

Letter from AG Shurtleff to Clergy
Learn why doctors (and clergy) are afraid to tie their shoes for fear of losing their license and being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor.
(1 page in .pdf format)

Legislative Performance Reports
Learn which legislators need the most pressure and which simply need the boot!

Official Speak Guide
What does your elected official really mean when he reacts to your attempts to hold him accountable?  Learn how to circumnavigate his roadblocks.

The Power of Citizens
What can citizens do?  More than we realize.
(1 page in .pdf format)

Citizen Resolution 1: Restoring Parental Rights
Collect signatures from your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and join in a state-wide educational action-campaign to restore the parental rights.  Make multiple copies and hand deliver, mail, or fax a copy of them to one or more of your elected officials.  To find them, see our elected official contact page.
(2 pages in .pdf format)


Additional Information

For additional information on DCFS abuses and the past incompetence of your elected officials in dealing with this issue, see, "Utah Legislature Declares War on Your Family!"  This alert provides supporting evidence,  including links to pertinent state statutes to assist citizens in quickly learning some of the basics of this fight.

Also be aware of the Parental Rights (Due Process) section of our Issues & Alerts page.


Archive Note: We provided this parental rights packet some time ago. At that time, we also included a Packet Cover (1 page) that listed those most accountable for the assault on families at that time, as well as possible parental rights resources in Utah.  Some of that information is now dated.  We also included an example of the supreme arrogance of your state legislators in "What is Your Legislator Saying?" (1 page). If you, the employer, threaten to fire a legislator for making political decisions you don't agree with, he, the employee, could attempt to charge you with Class A Misdemeanor.



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Warning! If you are under 18 and/or have not yet overcome your government education, YOU are probably too ignorant to understand this politically explicit information.

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