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Our Mission

Accountability Utah exists to shed light on the legislative process, to provide citizens with knowledge and tools to effectively hold their government accountable, and to secure for every man, woman, and child a future of freedom.

We do this by publishing Accountability Reports, alerts, and information on critical issues, and by providing training to unleash the power of citizens.

Our Philosophy

Accountability Utah promotes government that is restrained, fair, open, and representative; an economy based on free market principles; and strong individuals and families.  We affirm the God-granted rights and protections generally outlined in the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.  The validity and applicability of these documents has not diminished over time.

Accountability Utah rejects the notion that the power and rights of citizens should ever be compromised for supposed access, political maneuverings, or popularity.  We believe that many citizens are frustrated due to corruption and greed so common in government.  Our desire is to see citizens once again be caretakers and guardians of their freedoms.

For more information on why we approach politics the way we do, see our Issue in Focus: "How Citizens Enable Political Corruption".

Equal Opportunity

Accountability Utah attempts to hold all officials accountable to the same standards.  We are willing to work with all citizens and elected officials who are supportive of our mission and philosophy.  In the quest for truth and appropriate standards of accountability, we will continuously search for ways to improve the services we offer.

No Endorsements

Accountability Utah does not support or endorse candidates for political office.  If a volunteer supports or endorses any candidate, it should be viewed as his personal opinion, and not the opinion of the organization.

For the People, By the People

Accountability Utah has no paid staff, nor does it accept membership dues.  Our success or lack thereof is dependent on people like you who volunteer to help.  That help can range from:

  • Copying and sharing our reports with citizens in your area;

  • Organizing voters;

  • Assisting with logistics for town meetings and training events;

  • Attending legislative meetings;

  • Passing out critical information in key legislative districts;

  • Contacting elected officials.

If any one person is doing an incredible amount of work, there is something wrong. We are interested in sharing the load, not making people slaves to politics.  Visit our AU Team page for more information on our volunteers.
Note: Accountability Utah volunteers are independent, sovereign, thinking citizens not bound to agree with, or promote, every position, statement, or action that the organization may take.  It is likewise true that volunteers do not necessarily speak or act on behalf of the organization. Current elected officials and paid lobbyists are not permitted to be listed volunteers.



If you have comments or suggestions, please email us at info@accountabilityutah.org.


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