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AG/Gov Tell Over 200 Fed-Up Citizens: "Sorry, Nobody is Home!"
News Item 2 for 9/28/03

(Click on picture to enlarge.  Picture provided by CivilDisobedience.us)

On Friday, over 200 citizens and organizations from all sides of the political spectrum descended on the capitol lawn at noon to protest the heinous injustices committed against Utah families by state officials.

Speakers included Bonnie Macri of JEDI for Women, Sandra Lucas of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, DCFS victims Lisa Bierly and Stephanie Mair, and Accountability Utah team members.  Speeches called for citizens, parents  particularly fathers to wake up and take tough political action.  Gayle Ruzicka of the Eagle Forum was also present, broadcasting her KTKK radio show live from the capitol steps.  See video of the speeches.

Comparisons were drawn between the war on terror in foreign lands and the war on Utah families by our own government.  Calls were made for the resignation of AG Shurtleff, Governor Leavitt, and every other elected official and bureaucrat who will not stand up and fight vigorously for families.  Elected officials were put on notice that people are fed up.

(Click on picture to enlarge.
Provided by CivilDisobedience.us)

After the speeches, most of the crowd moved up the Capitol steps and into the offices of General Shurtleff.  The receptionist on hand slipped into the offices and left the crowd.  After some time had elapsed, citizens knocked on the door and asked them to come out and talk with a peaceful crowd.

After one knock and verbal request, one crowd member stated, "This is the people. We have a warrant."  The absurdity of a vacant office that claims to have an "open door policy" was not lost on crowd members or the media.

Eventually, as the crowd was about to leave, an assistant emerged and attempted to pass the buck of responsibility to yet other unelected bureaucrats.  Her answers proved unsatisfactory and the crowd summarily dismissed her.

The crowd then moved to Governor Leavitt's Office, where they were told that the Governor only responds to appointments.  Reacting without delay, the crowd passed around forms to sign up for appointments.  Before most of them had left, Leavitt's spokesman Rich McKeown emerged much like a deer in headlights.  Crowd members told him they we were done listening to excuses from bureaucrats and wanted to speak to people they had elected.

One would have thought another tornado had struck Salt Lake.  Despite numerous camera crews and microphones, salivating reporters on site excitedly reported many conflicting details.  Read some of their entertaining analyses:

This simple protest by citizens marks the beginning of the end of  unchallenged tyranny against Utah families.

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Note: We are looking for a volunteer to host a video of the demonstration.




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