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2005 News

Read important news items:

  • Citizens' Memorial Service for Casey Barrow this Saturday: Each year, citizens hold a memorial service for Casey Barrow, an infant who was murdered by his "foster care provider" two years ago on October 22, 2003. Casey had been beaten and deprived of food by previous "foster care providers" because his skin was white.  The service will be held THIS SATURDAY (October 22) at 11 AM, at the Redwood Memorial Cemetery (6500 S. Redwood Road). (10/19/05)

  • June 17 Protest of Corporations that Enable Criminal Behavior: This Friday, you can participate in a protest against banks that have accepted Mexican matricula consular cards and "Utah driver privilege cards" as valid identification. (6/14/05)

  • Interviews with Utah Minutemen: You've witnessed the embarrassment of president George Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox. Now consider the first-hand accounts of several brave Utah Minutemen who assisted in proving that our nation's borders can be guarded against the illegal hordes invading our nation. (6/1/05)

  • Legislative Audit: 58,000+ Illegals Get Driver's License; Hundreds Register to Vote: Phony "conservative" officials like rep. David Ure and sen. Howard Stephenson have enabled the criminal hordes to flow into Utah and take advantage of a nave and foolish citizenry. (2/21/05)



2004 News

Read important news items:

  • It's Harvest Time... Citizens reap a judiciary that ignores the law, shocking admissions regarding involuntary commitment abuse, property confiscation without due process, state abuse of families, and election mishaps. (12/22/04)

  • Sen. Curt Bramble: Mother Teresa or Jack Kevorkian? See a flier passed out in Bramble's area comparing his words to his actions on the issue of taxpayer funding of abortion. Share this flier with your friends and neighbors. (10/10/04)

  • Take Our "Who is the Bigger Dummy?" Challenge! Contestant A is General Mark Shurtleff, lobbyist for SB 175, the confiscation bill that destroyed your property rights. Contestant B is Senator Chris Buttars, sponsor of SB 175, who has just publicly acknowledged that Shurtleff has no clue regarding the U.S. Constitution. (9/12/04)

  • Funding Yanked on "Gays Kick Ash" Campaign: The Utah Department of Health has magnanimously decided to pull its "anti-tobacco" funding in the form of "Gays Kick Ash" T-shirts. (Original article on 6/6/04 updated on 7/20/04)

  • Chris Cannon & Howard Stephenson Sponsor Coronation of New World "Messiah"! In a bizarre ritual you will have to see to believe, Congressman Chris Cannon and state senator Howard Stephenson sponsor the coronation ceremony of the new world "Messiah," Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Former Congressman Howard Nielson was on hand to receive an award from "Savior" Moon, and a picture was shown of world terrorist Moammar Quadaffi apparently receiving an award as well. (6/16/04)

  • GOP Delegates Hold Confiscation Collaborators Accountable: Your hard work over the last few months has paid off in a very significant way. Republican officials who supported attacks against innocent property owners have already paid a heavy price this election cycle. (5/10/04)

  • Jon Huntsman Receives a Special Coronation by Accountability Utah: Jon Huntsman is the proud past chair of the leftist organization, Envision Utah.  Learn why the Huntsman dream doesn't quite match up with Envision Utah's Soviet version of the American dream. (5/10/4; in .pdf format).

  • Senate GOP Leaders Join Accountability Utah in Opposing Shurtleff's View of Federal Forfeiture! In a letter to GOP county delegates in Sen. Chris Buttars' district (the sponsor of Senate Bill 175), the Utah Senate GOP Leadership unanimously admit that federal forfeiture proceedings lack due process. (4/18/04)

  • Walker Campaign Resorts to Stealing Performance Reports? According to eyewitnesses, a Walker family member and campaign worker confiscated 2004 Accountability Utah Legislative Performance Reports at a recent Weber State University event. (4/18/04)

  • Analysis of SB 175 & Confiscation Statutes/Abuse: Mr. Arnold Gaunt, volunteer with Forfeiture Endangers American Rights, recently debated Sen. Chris Buttars and Kirk Torgensen of General Shurtleff's office at Brigham Young University.  Read a portion of his presentation. (4/4/04)

  • Flier Exposes Gun Confiscation Efforts: Gov. Walker has signed SB 175 S2, effectively repealing Citizen's Initiative B.  Innocent Utah property owners will again be at the mercy of federal property confiscation (forfeiture) statutes that deny them basic due process and justice. Share a flier exposing this attack on your rights. (3/28/04)

  • Does Utah's Boss Hogg Want a New Car for Roscoe?: Davis County Commissioner Dan McConkie recently testified in favor of Senate Bill 175, which would destroy Initiative B and due process protections for innocent citizens.  See what some think of his betrayal. (2/19/04)

  • Report on Feb. 14 Town Meeting: Below is a report of the Feb. 14 emergency town meeting by David Hansen, and includes a speech by Daniel Newby and a handout on SB 175 by Arnold J. Gaunt. (2/16/04)

  • Feb. 4 "Rule of Law" Rally at Capitol. UFIRE (Utahans For Immigration Reform and Enforcement) is one of the sponsors of the Rule of Law rally on Wednesday, February 4 at 10:30am at the State Capitol (south steps). (2/4/04)



2003 News



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