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Moon "Messiah" Coronation Attendants Run for Cover
(News for 6/28/04)

Summary: "The Messiah Chronicles" continue with new revelations from Congressman Chris Cannon and Sen. Howard Stephenson, including his public apology for the Trail of Tears. We have also located fresh Internet sources for many of the pictures and video that were taken down by event sponsors and much more.


1. New Internet Links for Coronation Pictures & Video

2. Cannon & Stephenson Claim Shock & Ignorance

3. Moon Has Openly Claimed Messiahship Since 1993

4. Senator Stephenson Apologizes on Behalf of White Man for Trail of Tears

1. New Internet Links for Coronation Pictures & Video

As we reported in our June 16 article, a bizarre March 24, 2004 coronation event was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building of Washington DC.  Reverend Sun Myung Moon, leader of the "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification," (also referred to as the "Unification Church" followers are often referred to as "Moonies") there publicly announced his supreme Messianic role.

Most of the links cited in our June 16 article were predictably pulled from their host Websites. Since our article, however, there have been a flurry of additional news pieces on this story.  For example, see the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, a Salon.com article, a TheHill.com article, and a Politics1.com article.

Here are several links that are still operable via independent news sources:

Video of the coronation (requires a couple steps to view)

Pictures of the event.

More pictures of the event.

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2. Cannon & Stephenson Claim Shock & Ignorance

According to the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune, Cannon and Stephenson both claim that their names were used without their permission or foreknowledge on the coronation program.

Deseret News staff also interviewed Stephenson and reported the following:

He said when Moon talked "and things took a turn into religion," he became uncomfortable. He said he left after Moon's speech and missed his "coronation" because he did not want to imply that he endorsed any of that.

Yet, Stephenson had no problem sitting through other portions of the event, including the picture shown to the audience of world terrorist and dictator Moammar Quadaffi receiving an "Ambassador of Peace" award.  According to the video, prior to Moon's speech, Moon was praised by various speakers as both the Messianic fulfillment foretold by scripture and the "Prince of Peace" returned.  These apparently were not enough to motivate Stephenson to leave.

As we reported in our June 16 article, Stephenson has long been an admirer of Moon, comparing Unification Church leadership meetings to "[LDS] General Conference for politicians," and describing Moon as "a true latter-day saint."

And as for Cannon, as we previously reported, on February 4, 2004, he also received an "Ambassador of Peace" award.  Other controversial characters have received this award, such as William Baker, whose writings, speeches, and former chairmanship of the Populist Party appear consistent with that of a white supremacist.

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3. Moon Has Openly Claimed Messiahship Since 1993

As we also reported in our June 16 article, Moon and his followers have openly touted his Messiahship for many years.  In the same Salt Lake Tribune article in which Stephenson renders him praise, Moon's followers are reported to believe that he is the "third Adam."
Source: "Unification's Moon Offers Social Message: 'Time for America to awaken,' he tells SLC crowd Sunday," Peggy Fletcher, Salt Lake Tribune, March 11, 2001.

Moon publicly claimed to be the new world Messiah at least as far back as January 1993.  Read his speech, "Proclamation of the Messiah."  Is it really plausible that Cannon, Stephenson, and others could have been so connected to Moon and his organization, and yet be completely unaware of his most public and controversial teachings?

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4. Senator Stephenson Apologizes on Behalf of White Man for Trail of Tears

The Deseret news story reported that:

Stephenson said he was asked to be a last-minute replacement to present an award about Native American peace and was moved from a back table to the front to make that easier. He said he doesn't remember what he said, although Internet reports said he apologized for U.S. misdeeds against Native Americans that led to a trail of tears.

The actual quote from the movie is as follows:

"As an ancestor of the white settlers, the pioneers, the pilgrims, and those who moved westward, pushing out the native Americans, I stand here as a representative of my people in the spirit of repentance for the trail of tears which we imposed upon the native Americans of this country."

Are we expected to believe that Stephenson also failed to read the host section of the full-color program wherein he was listed as "The Honorable Howard Stephenson, State Senator, Utah"?  It is one thing to assume to privately represent the posterity of the white settlers. It is another to do so in one's official capacity.

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