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Taxes: The Joy of Giving
Utah has the ninth-highest opportunity to give of ourselves to our state and local government.  How fortunate we are!  Join with us in celebrating our newfound heritage.

How to Appreciate Your Legislator
In a world full of negativity, it is sometimes hard to forget it all and bask in the stardom of your elected officials.  Don't let antagonists and naysayers get you down.  Learn to appreciate your legislator and avoid dwelling on the dangerous little details.


Deseret News & Joe Cannon "Endorse" Civility Utah!... ... ...Sen. Bramble puts aside reactionary "pro-life" dogma: family donates to pro-choice Democrat... Learn how you can better yourself, too!... ... ...A Special Announcement: This legislative session, citizens throughout Utah will converge on the Capitol to send in flowers, friendship bracelets, and cards... ... ...Does your legislator perform at a level slightly less than ideal?... Learn how looking the other way can heal a world of dissatisfaction... ... ... ... ... ...


Latest Positive News

Pen pals for lonely legislators.

Don't wait on the sidelines.  Give your legislator the kudos and comfort he needs.

Step 1: Call your county clerk or visit the senate and house interactive maps.

Step 2: Call them and tell them you will support them —no matter what.


Happy Thought
of the Week:

"There's nothing my family enjoys more than sitting down together to fill out our income tax statement. We just feel so blessed to send money to the state." — Christy Emmett, Sandy resident



Civility Won!

Every other Tuesday, nasty Accountability Utah people used to speak on KTKK AM 630 from noon - 2:00 p.m.  Fortunately, they have now been banned from KTKK for spreading negativity!


 Pat "Marie Antoinette" Jones
"Let them eat cake!"

Deseret News & Joe Cannon "Endorse" Civility Utah!
The Deseret News and GOP Chairman Joe Cannon have essentially endorsed Civility Utah and our approach to restoring sensitivity and peace, and have condemned our vicious counterpart, Accountability Utah. Read their inspiring vision of hope and Pat Jones' response.

Sen. Bramble Puts Aside Reactionary "Pro-Life" Dogma: Family Donates to Pro-Choice Democrat
In an amazing display of multi-cultural, transpartisan tolerance, Republican Sen. Curt Bramble’s family donated a special $100 campaign offering to Democrat Minority Leader Ron Allen. Learn how you can keep the Bramble vision alive!


Special Kudos Reports

Sen. Allen Receives Kudos Report!  Cuz You'rrre Grrreat!
Our good friend Ron may have done a few things to get up the dander of some ne'er-do-wells in our community. But one look in his eyes and we all know that he is just a teddy bear inside!  Make sure to compensate for any nasty notes he gets from those Accountability Utah robots.


Good Deeds

New Year's Resolution Drive: So Many Needs... and So Little Time
A lot of hard-working public servants are feeling the pinch right now.  It is just wrong to think only of ourselves.  Open your wallets and hearts this season and give to the State General Fund.  Contact State Treasurer Ed Alter and pledge your support.  Because they know how to spend it better than we ever will. 





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